At LYLE Healthcare, we take very seriously our responsibility to our stakeholders. Our clients are our primary stakeholders. We will stop at nothing to make sure that our consumers get the best service at all times. To deliver on this promise, we rely on two important factors: (a) the commitment of our most important asset – our employees, and (b) the support of our community. Our employees work as a team in a caring and friendly environment. Our motto is Dignity, Respect, and Compassion. We apply this in our interaction within the LYLE team as well as with our consumers and the general public. We partner with private and public agencies, including schools, to ensure that our consumers have unfettered access to mental health services. As a resource to our community, we work tirelessly as an advocate for the mental health community. We also believe in giving back. That is why we are committed to active participation in our community. Please visit our Blog to see our current activities.