I can’t sleep and I sometimes feel like the whole world is closing in on me. Do I have a mental health problem?
LYLE Healthcare can help assess what’s going on with you and discuss available interventions.
I was told my son has ADHD and that he will have to take medication to help him cope with it.
Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is considered a serious mental illness. ADHD is often diagnosed in children but the condition also affects adults. Medication therapy is one of the interventions for treating this condition. Dietary and behavioral interventions have also been shown to help with this problem. Our clinicians can work with you and your son to design appropriate intervention(s).
What is next after the initial appointment?
At the initial appointment, one of our clinicians will meet with you to complete a comprehensive assessment, obtaining information from you and other sources. You will then be scheduled to meet with a therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist depending on the findings from assessments. The appointment with these clinicians can be immediate or scheduled for another time depending on the nature and severity of the presenting problem.
Do you have a psychiatrist on location?
Yes. Our practice consists of very caring and knowledgeable clinicians who take joy in working with clients to solve personal problems and achieve set goals. Our clinicians include psychiatrists, who are medical doctors and can prescribe medication; clinical psychologists; clinical social workers; licensed professional counselors; certified addiction counselors; etc. Each of our clinicians is dedicated to helping our clients attain wellness.
What type of insurance do you accept?
Currently we accept Medicare, DC Medicaid, and DC Alliance. We also accept Chartered Health/Beacon, United Behavioral Health, and Health Services for Children with Special Needs. We equally accept CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, HUMANA, Tricare, etc.