My uncle who has been diagnosed with mild retardation and bipolar experienced a maniac episode. He experienced hallucinations, paranoia, and insomnia. LYLE Healthcare came to the rescue within 24 hours. The team responded promptly during this crisis with medication adjustment and intense psycho-therapy. He is now happy and working without any paranoia and hallucinations.   Anthony, DC 

During a 10-year drug addiction, I was at my lowest point. I was stealing from my family, in and out of prison, and deeply depressed.  LYLE Healthcare, along with my family staged an intervention that proved to be the best decision of my life. Although I protested in the beginning, I began to trust the LYLE team and their unique approach to addiction. I am now drug-free and optimistic about life. My relationship with my family has improved tremendously. Thanks LYLE Healthcare. David, DC

In the past other behavior health providers only prescribed me medication after medication. The medication worked in the short term, but just something was missing in my treatment. Out of desperation, I switched to LYLE healthcare and discovered that in fact there was a missing link in my prior treatment. LYLE Healthcare provided a thorough diagnostic assessment/evaluation. As a result, LYLE provided me with effective counseling combined with integrative holistic techniques that has changed my life.  Maria, DC 
My child wasn’t performing well in school. Each day the teacher complained about inattentiveness, hyper activity, and frequent outburst. Initially, I was in denial because I feared the labels that were placed upon my child. LYLE Healthcare helped my child and myself cope with his “uniqueness”. LYLE’s approach was compassionate and honest.  With nutritional counseling, behavior support, and medication management, my child is now attentive and socially balanced. It is a great relief to know that there is help children that are similar to my child. Margaret, DC