Child and Adolescent Services

Our Child Services at LYLE Healthcare are designed to help children and their families cope with serious emotional disorders such as autism, anxiety, depression, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and bipolar disorder. In many instances, these disorders have their onset in childhood. Our focus is to help children and adolescents master and progress through developmental milestones.

This progress may be exemplified by increased ability to enjoy successful relationships with family and peers. At another level, progress may be indicated by the ability to effectively cope with stressors in both immediate and external social environments. Our interventions and services consist of psychotherapy/counseling, positive behavior support, and medication management. Our clinicians are trained to complete a thorough assessment that includes talking to appropriate stakeholders in the child or adolescent’s life, an observation of symptoms and signs, and by taking into consideration age-appropriate and normative behavior in the context of the child’s physical and social environments.