5 Ways in Which Exercise Manages Stress

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There are several techniques and medications that can help with stress management.  However exercise is unique in how it helps to lower stress.  It is something you can do individually or in a group.  Some of the main benefits of exercise are:
 1. It releases happy-hormones such as cortisol that help the brain feel good
 2. It is active meditation-this means that when you are exercising your mind will be clear of distractions that heighten stressful thoughts
 3. It gives you a sense of accomplishment, thereby boosting your mood
 4. Increased self- confidence
 5. Improved  sleep
There are several exercises that are effective.  Walking is a great way to start an exercise routine because it is free and non-competitive.  Additional indoor and outdoor exercises can also be incorporated into your stress management plan. Call LYLE and meet with one of our doctors and holistic specialists to see which exercise works best for you.