Red Flags of Autism

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Autism and other developmental delays are more common than most people know.  Many parents feel isolated because of the stigma related to these issues.  If you suspect that your child is experiencing developmental delay(s), it is critical that you seek early intervention.  Some of the symptoms related to Austism are:
1.Speech delay
2.Little to no eye-contact
3.Motor skill delay
4.Lack of joyful expressions (verbal& nonverbal)
As a parent or guardian, you owe it to your child(ren) to do the following:
1.Don’t blame yourself
2.Seek professional help for you & your child(ren)
3.Realize you are not alone
At LYLE, we understand the complexities of developmental delay and brain development in children.  Our professionals have a unique and compassionate approach to diagnosis and treatment.  We treat our child patients the way we would want our children treated.