7 Noticeable Behaviors of Teen Depression

Teenagers are bombarded with negative images from television and the internet.  Many times their minds are just too young to differentiate between reality and imagination. Most teens are unable to articulate that they are depressed. As a result, they refuse Read more

Red Flags of Autism

Autism and other developmental delays are more common than most people know.  Many parents feel isolated because of the stigma related to these issues.  If you suspect that your child is experiencing developmental delay(s), it is critical that you seek Read more

3 Activities to Reduce Stress

Stress can come in so many different forms.  Many people experience stress but ignore the severity of it.  Stress can cause one to ruin valuable relationships, jobs and overall happiness.  Some effective activities that can help to alleviate stress are: 1. Writing Read more

Successful Medication Management

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There are several medications that are prescribed for various conditions. It is essential that each patient adhere to the prescription prescribed by the psychiatrists. It may take some time to see the benefits of the medication. Remember that it is important that you trust your psychiatrist and have an open mind as well as the discipline to reach your goals.

Here at Lyle, we have seasoned professionals who treat each client based on individual needs.  Although, it can be challenging to adhere to taking medication regularly, it is crucial to the overall development and treatment of the patient.